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Installation Instructions

1. Open the Arduino IDE and select Tools/Manage Libraries.

2. Enter "FirmataExpress in the search box.

3. Click on the Install button.

4. FirmataExpress also requires that the Ultrasonic library by Erick Simões be installed.

Using the Arduino IDE, install the ultrasonic library. Click on Tools/Manage Libraries and select Ultrasonic and then click Install.

When pymata-express is instantiated, the version of FirmataExpress is checked for compatibility. If an incompatible version is found, a RuntimeError exception will be raised. The correct version to be used is identified and printed on the console.

Setting The FirmataExpress Instance ID

FirmataExpress, in conjunction with pymata-express, can automatically associate a Pymata Express application with a specific Arduino board plugged into your computer.

If you only have a single Arduino connected at a time, you do not need to do anything. However, if you wish to run multiple Arduinos, you will need to assign a unique ID number to each Arduino. The ID number is then supplied as an input parameter when your application is instantiated.

The Pymata Express instance parameter is discussed here.

To set the ID number in FirmataExpress, load the FirmataExpress sketch into the Arduino IDE Look for the following line:

#define ARDUINO_INSTANCE_ID         1

Modify the value of 1 to the matching number you will use with Pymata Express.

You may then compile and upload FirmataExpress to your Arduino.

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