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When pymata-express detects an error, it raises a RuntimeError exception. The table below shows the exception report string that is displayed on the console when an exception is raised. A probable cause and troubleshooting tip is also provided.

Exception Report Probable Cause Troubleshooting
ERROR: Python 3.7 or greater
is required for use
of this program.
Unsupported version of
python detected
Make sure that you are using
Python 3.7 or greater.
No Arduino Found or
User Aborted Program.
Com Port not found. Make sure that you have the
Arduino plugged in.
Firmata Sketch Firmware Version Not Found. Valid firmware version not returned. Make sure that you have a Firmata sketch installed on the Arduino.
Analog map retrieval timed out.
Do you have Arduino connectivity and do you have the
correct Firmata sketch uploaded to the board?
Analog report request timed out Self explanatory.
User Hit Control-C. User aborted the application. Not Applicable.
Retrieving ID From Arduino Failed. FirmataExpress handshake not returned. Make sure that FirmataExpress was uploaded to the Arduino
Invalid Arduino identifier retrieved FirmataExpress and pymata-express Arduino IDs do not match. Verify the Arduino IDs
write fail in _send_command Serial write failed. Check the serial cable.

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